Bressay has been inhabited for the past 6000 years and the burnt mounds, brochs and Neolithic remains in locations across the Island offer visitors a little glimpse into the distant past.

Bressay Heritage Centre

Bressay Heritage Centre will open from Wednesday 18th of May
2024 opening times (May - September)
Wednesday - Friday - Saturday
10am - 4pm

The Bressay Heritage Centre, situated at the Bressay ferry terminal, is a local exhibition space.

Current displays include: -

Bressay's quarries and stone masons. Bressay's building stone was used to build properties in Lerwick as well as all the stone build houses on Bressay. Bressay History Group has collected information on our numerous quarries and their workmen who cut and transported roof slates, lintels and building stone.

The Brenda, her story before and during her time as Bressay's ferry.

Bressay Lighthouse, memories, art and photos collected as part of 'Gadderin Strings', a recent project organised by Aert Workshops.

Bressay Heritage Centre opened in 1996 and is owned and operated by Bressay History Group. Annual summer exhibitions provide visitors with the opportunity to dip into many aspects of Bressay’s past. The Centre houses an extensive archive of material relating to the island’s history through photographs, maps, genealogy, etc.

An interesting visitor attraction is the reconstruction, next to the Heritage Centre, of the central core of a Bronze Age Burnt Mound, which Bressay History Group ‘rescued’ from being washed away by the sea. Onsite interpretation will assist visitors to explore the interior of this unique mysterious construction.

The Bressay History Group is part of the network of Tourist Information Points and their custodian can provide detailed local information, directions and suggestions, such as popular walks.

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Call (during open hours) 820750

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