Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the Getting Here page for time table and travel details.

From the Bressay ferry terminal to Noss Sound in approximately 3 miles (5km) and will take about an hour to walk.

Noss Nature Reserve is open to visitors during the summer season (late April - late August) while the wardens are living on the island. (not Mondays or Thursdays). To get there take the Bressay ferry from Lerwick, then walk or drive the three miles (5km) across Bressay to Noss Sound where the small inflatable ferry will take you across Noss. For more information or to book, phone: 0800 107 7818.

Please go to the Visit Bressay page to see our recommendations.

Yes, please find the map on the Visit Bressay page.

Plans are underway to provide campsite facilities on Bressay but there are currently no hook up points of shower facilities. Visitors are welcome to park caravans at the marina, Brough Loch and Mail Pier. Most land owners welcome campers but please ask for permission at the nearest croft.

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