Bressay Development Ltd accepts, drinks cans, newspaper, batteries, and the following printer ink cartridges: Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, Neopost and Samsung.
Please note we no longer accept plastic bottles, these will be collected by the SIC for recycling.

Donations can be left outside the school in the white box at the north side of the sheds. Thanks to L Nicolson Joinery for making the box for us.

Our volunteers sort and deliver all goods for recycling.

Please remember to give your milk bottles a good wash out.

Initiated as part of the Skills for Sustainability Project our recycling facility has expanded and been far more successful than we originally planned. Prior to this initiative only glass and drinks cans were collected from a bank on Bressay. Other items had to be taken to the waste management site in Lerwick. This was inconvenient for most and impossible for those without their own car, and meant many people put these items in their refuse.

The CCF grant has helped us to advertise the facilities. Everything is weighed and a volunteer takes batteries to the recycling centre in Lerwick. Ink cartridges are sent to be reused and we shred the paper for animal bedding. We deliver cans to a local company for recycling. Items can be dropped off at the school any time, either left in the building or in a purpose made recycling box outside.

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