We believe it is very important to help protect our beautiful island and to provide services and information which will help our community to be more sustainable and make greener choices which fit in with our daily lives.

In 2016 Bressay Development Ltd successfully secured funding from the Climate Challenge Fund to undertake our Skills For Sustainability project. The project is now complete, and the funding helped us to set up a Good As New Shop at the school, and run a program of classes and workshops to upskill and promote re-use and local products. In 2021 we begun a project to plant a 3000 tree woodland on Bressay's east side. Also in 2021, with funding from HIE and CARES, we repaced the Speldiburn storage heaters with air source heat units, added exra loft insulation and installed 40 solar panels. Speldiburn cafe uses compostable cups, straws and takeaway containers and cutlery. We compost food and paper waste from the Speldiburn Café.

Inside Environment

Good as New Shop

Speldiburn Good As New shop was born from community feedback to Bressay Development Ltd’s Skills for Sustainability project. The shop has become a fantastic success. Our dedicated team of volunteers sort, clean and price all the wonderful donated items that come our way. New stock arrives every week so there are always lots of great bargins on offer.


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