Transport on Bressay

Service 41 – Weekly Shopper Service

In line with Shopper bus frequencies in the rest of Shetland, this service runs once a week. NEC cards are valid on this service. The bus picks up from all main roads on Bressay every Tuesday and takes folk onto the 10:30 ferry and then into Lerwick returning on the 14:30 ferry.

Service 41
Bressay Ferry Terminal1008Lerwick Esplande1300
Voeside1010Lerwick Health Centre1303
Fullaburn/Glebe1015Lerwick Tesco1305
Bressay Public Hall1017Lerwick Co-op arrive1308
Voehead Road1018Lerwick Co-op depart1355
Bressay Ferry Terminal1020Lerwick Tesco1400
Bressay Ferry1030Lerwick Ferry Terminal1410
Lerwick Esplanade1038Bressay Ferry1430
Lerwick Health Centre1045Bressay Ferry Terminal1435
Lerwick Tesco1048Voeside1437
Lerwick Co-op1050Fullaburn/Glebe1440
Bressay Public Hall1442
Voehead Road1444
Bressay Ferry Terminal1450

Service 42 – Post Bus Replacement

This service operates 3 days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays picking up from all main roads on Bressay and taking passengers to the ferry terminal for the 09:30 or 10:30 ferry. The return service meets the ferry on the Bressay side on the arrival of the 13:00 (1pm) ferry from Lerwick.

The outward journey must run, even if there are no passengers as it is scheduled, but the return journeys need to be pre-booked – if there are no passenger bookings, the return service does not run.

Bookings can be made by telephoning 01595 745745 by 4pm on the day prior to travel, or by speaking to the driver on the morning outward run. NEC cards are valid on this service.

Service 42
Bressay Ferry Terminal0908Hoegan0935
Pettifirth Junction0920Ferry Terminal Gunnista0958
Shop0924Bressay Ferry Terminal1008
Bressay Ferry Terminal0928Kirkabister/Fullaburn/Hamilton/Glebe1016
Ferry0930Bressay Ferry Terminal1028

British Red Cross Car Scheme

Bressay is covered by the Transport Support service run by the British Red Cross. This service offers transport support for “medical appointments and essential daily needs”. The transport is provided by a volunteer driver using their own car.

Passengers need to give 24 hours’ notice of their need to travel and are asked to make a contribution to the cost based on the mileage they travel. However, no one is refused travel because they cannot afford to pay. The driver is a volunteer and is not paid a wage but is reimbursed for any mileage, ferry costs and any expenses. The service can include transport to Sumburgh for onward travel to a medical appointment and an escort if this is necessary.

The office contact number for more information on using the service or volunteering for it is 01595 695498.

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