Aimee Labourne

Aimee Labourne

After completing studies in Fine Art at Falmouth University Cornwall, Aimee moved to a studio in the Bressay school in 2016. She works primarily with drawing but also includes elements of photography, and is interested in the many ways both media can inform each other, and in the process, reveal things about image making and our relationship with images.

She's drawn to both historical and natural subjects, and sees Shetland as a very unique and special place to explore these interests. The remote and wild areas of the isles, largely unchanged for hundreds of years, inspire her thoughts on the romantic and sublime in nature. At the same time, the ruins which can be found all across the landscape, and Shetland's strong sense of heritage, also make the passage of human history feel very present. Whilst here, Aimee is hoping to use both drawing and photography to explore some of the interesting, and often contrasting, aspects of beauty and decay in Shetland.

Aimee's postcards are available for sale in the cafe and a selection of her work can be viewed in her studio.

Gunnar Olafsson

Artist Gunnar Olafsson spent 3 months living in Bressay in early 2017, during this period he hired a studio space in the school and filled the studio with bright sea and land scapes. Gunner became a great friend to the directors and staff of Bressay Development Ltd during his stay, his work can now be viewed in his studio in Gardenstown, Scotland.

Stephen Gorden (aka Smirk)

Wirsit Woolies - Sept/Oct 2019

R.A.M. Knitwear

R.A.M. Knitwear

R.A.M is a fun and fresh custom knitwear design company, creating unique fashion and promoting the versatility of knitting craftsmanship using Shima Seiki design systems and industrial knitting machines.

“Our products are eco sustainable - our ethos is to utilise end of season/production cones of yarn (unloved yarn) which gives a unique product as there may only be enough for 2 or 3 pieces during manufacturing. Luxury yarns we love to use are Merino/Silk/Lambswool/Shetland wool. Our mini factory is based within the Bressay School and we have a shop in Lerwick's Commercial Street” – Roisin McAtamney of R.A.M Knitwear.

A limited selection of styles can be viewed online at, and a full selection is available in R.A.M Knitwear’s Lerwick shop.

For mor details contact R.A.M Knitwear via their website or Facebook page

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