Proposed projects for 2021

These are all in various stages from gathering community ideas to securing funding.

Community Woodland

We are planning a project which will recreate Shetland's once common scrub woodland. We will be planting a total of 3000 trees, all historically native to Shetland. BDL has been working with members of the community, RSPB, Shetland Amenity Trust's Woodland Team and the landowner since July 2020 to develop the plan.

This project aims to: -

  • Provide a unique oppertunity to recreate Shetlands once widespread scrub habitat, allowing long-term diversity change free from sheep and rabbits.
  • Provide a new kind of year round recreation space for the community along with social, volunteering and educational opportunities.
  • Be planted only with species listed in prof. David Spence's book 'Shetland's Living Landscape, A Study Of Island Plant Ecology'.
  • Provide outdoor education and play space for bairns and nurture an interest in nature and the local environment which has been more evident during lockdown.

Project proposal - site map

Speldiburn Green energy and heating project

Plans are well advanced for a new heating system which will cut BDL's CO2 emmissions, reduce our heating costs and ensure Speldiburn volunteers and customers can be warm during the winter months.

The plan includes: -

  • Removal of all storage heaters which will be replaces by air source heat units
  • The addition of extra loft insulation into the old part of the building (the only part with loft space)
  • 40 solar panels added to the roof of the wooden extension

Funding provided by Scottish Government funding through HIE and CARES

Community Asset Transfer of the Former Bressay school to BDL

This project is almost complete. BDL has spent several years gathering community feedback, securing funding, discussing proposals with Shetland Islands Council, undertaking building surveys and putting together a buisness plan.

  • In November 2020 the Shetland Islands Coudil agreed the Asset Transfer of Bressay school to BDL
  • The legal arrangements should be completed in early 2021

Funding and advice for this project has been provided to BDL by HIE

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