Set up to “Secure and sustain a vibrant future for Bressay, with an active, connected, thriving and resilient community”, Bressay Development Ltd have two sub groups set up to pursue environment and tourism ideas.

Bressay Development Ltd is run by seven directors, four of whom are office bearers:
  • Afra Skene – Director and Chairman
  • Noel Kelly – Director and Vice Chair
  • Beatrice Lowe – Director and Secretary
  • Sheila Tulloch – Director and Treasurer
  • Moira Smith – Director
  • Marion Scollay – Director
  • Kathy Kelly - Director
  • Dee Henderson-Haefner - Director
Membership currently stands at 42 and is open to all Bressay residents over the age of sixteen.

We really welcome ideas and assistance from anyone with a passion for sharing, helping and improving our island community.

Here are just a few of Bressay Development Ltd.’s objectives:

  • Seek to improve, develop, and promote affordable infrastructure, services, and facilities on the island.
  • Seek to increase availability of affordable housing in the community.
  • Identify and maximise opportunities to grow the Bressay economy.
  • Promote Bressay and its historic and natural environment and encourage and maximise tourism development.
  • Identify and maximise funding opportunities for community activities and projects.
  • Seek to facilitate effective communication within the community.

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