Bressay Development Ltd is a community led organisation with a wide vision for supporting our community. BDL runs Speldiburn Cafe and Good As New Shop along with artist studios and art gallery Speldiburn as well as the Bressay Community Woodland at the Brough Loch. We provide regular activities on Bressay and a regular newsletter to island households.

The main aim of our organisation is to secure and sustain a vibrant future for Bressay, with an active, connected, thriving and resilient community.

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Our objectives include retaining and supporting the existing population; improving and developing facilities on the Island; identifying and exploring funding opportunities for community activities on the island and strengthening the community bond.

Since its formation, BD Ltd has produced a quarterly newsletter ‘Weel Bressa, Whit News’.

BDL owns and runs Speldiburn Community Hub and Arts Venue. We also manage and maintain the Bressay Community Woodland.

BD Ltd have worked hard to create and run a vibrant community hub which includes a café, creative studios and exhibition spaces, a good as new shop, and rooms available for hire.

Bressay Development Ltd is currently managed by ten volunteer directors. We employ two part time development workers and café staff.

Inside About Us

Our History

Originally set up in January 2014 as Bressay Community Development Association, the group's intention was to address major challenges faced by the residents of Bressay including depopulation, an aging population, lack of on-island services and increasing ferry fare costs to the Shetland mainland.



Bressay Development Ltd exists to “Secure and sustain a vibrant future for Bressay, with an active, connected, thriving and resilient community”.


Current Projects

Speldiburn, Bressay Community Woodland, CO2 reduction, Broadband and



BD Ltd newsletters, reports and documents. We publish a newsletter roughly every quarter throughout the year. New newsletters are published here, but if you would like to receive one via email, please consider becoming a BDL member - membership is free and open to all Bressay residents over 16 years of age.


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